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手机可以帮助你保持联系YCP认识到纽约大学宾夕法尼亚州无论你在哪里,在校内还是校外。 使用移动找到任何人YCP认识目录,并立即取得联系,待在循环与最新的校园新闻,密切关注纽约宾夕法尼亚大学体育成绩,和观看视频,从最近的校园活动。这是纽约宾夕法尼亚大学在你的手上! 特点: 地图:搜索校园建筑的名字,查明它们在地图上,看到他们的位置相对于你自己的。 学习:得到即时访问您所有的黑板学习吗课程内容在走。检查成绩、发布到论坛,查看重要的课,阅读和下载作业公告,上传内容和更多。 田径:查看最新的新闻、日程安排和成绩为您最喜爱的纽约宾夕法尼亚大学体育团队。 目录:与任何人取得联系,并添加这个人校园范围内直接向您的手机的通讯录。 新闻:跟上所有的事件和关闭校园新闻从各种不同的来源。 图书馆:容易找到图书馆资源包括位置和电话号码,甚至可以看到当前的可用性。 图片:浏览或搜索成千上万的图片。看看风景的镜头纽约宾夕法尼亚大学校园和视图从数字档案馆的广泛收藏。保存图像到你的手机或保存作为背景来显示你的学校的骄傲。 视频:访问所有纽约宾夕法尼亚大学的视频内容在一个易于查看的地方。 紧急:获得重要的数据和信息,当你需要他们。电话报告紧急情况,或获得信息从纽约大学的宾夕法尼亚州紧急信息热线。 YCP Mobile helps you stay connected to York College of Pennsylvania from wherever you are, on or off campus. Use YCP Mobile to find anyone in the Directory and get in touch instantly, stay-in-the-loop with the latest campus news, keep tabs on York College of Pennsylvania sports scores, and watch videos from recent campus events. It’s York College of Pennsylvania in the palm of your hand! Features: Maps: Search campus buildings by name, pinpoint them on the map, see their location relative to your own. Learn: Get instant access to all of your Blackboard Learn course content on the go. Check grades, post to discussion forums, view important class announcements, read and download assignments, upload content and more. Athletics: View up-to-date news, schedules, and scores for your favorite York College of Pennsylvania sports team. Directory: Get in touch with anyone campus-wide, and add that person directly to your phone's address book. News: Keep up with all the happenings on and off campus with news from a variety of sources. Library: Easily find library resources including location and call number, and even see current availability. Images: Browse or search thousands of images. Check out scenic shots of the York College of Pennsylvania campus and view extensive collections from the digital archive. Save images to your phone or save as a background to show your school pride. Videos: Access all of York College of Pennsylvania’s video content in one easy-to-view place. Emergency: Get access to important numbers and information when you need them. Call to report an emergency or get information from the York College of Pennsylvania Emergency Information Hotline.[1]