Truck Finder

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《Truck Finder》是一款Android平台的应用。
Truck Finder

Truck Finder应用介绍

Find your next used truck or trailer here! The Truckfinder is a handy app that provides you an easy way to search and view your next truck or trailer. You will be able to view truck details, images and contact the dealer in a very easy way. You will have access to complete truck description, full-color photos and dealer location maps. The stock is updated daily throughout the day. TruckFinder is a production of AB Volvo Trucks Features: · Search by vehicle type, brands, axles, countries and dealer · Select resent search criteria · Sort the result list on price, age and mileage · List vehicle details and tap for more information · Browse the photos · Tap the dealer business card to contact the dealer by phone or mail · Map to find the way to the dealer’s location · Change languages 最近没有更改。

Truck Finder支持版本

Android 2.2以上